Bergman Publications

Dr Nils Bergman’s publications

Trends in Target Diseases 1960 – 1986 at Manama Hospital
Dip.CHDC Dissertation: Swedish, ICH Uppsala University

The “kangaroo-method” for treating low birth weight babies in a developing country
Tropical Doctor, April 1994, 24: 57-60

Reduction of posterior dislocation of the hip
Tropical Doctor, July 1994, 24: 134-135

A “treatment score” for primary and pulmonary tuberculosis
Central African Journal of Medicine, 1995; 41: 1-6

Opistophthalmus glabrifrons scorpion envenomation
South African Medical Journal, 1996; 86: 981-982

Scorpion sting in Zimbabwe
South African Medical Journal, Feb 1997, 87:163-167

Clinical description of Parabuthus transvaalicus scorpionism in Zimbabwe
Toxicon, May 1997 35; 759-771

Observations on newborn Parabuthus transvaalicus Purcell, 1899
(with Moira FitzPatrick)

Kangaroo mother care in low-income countries
Adriano Cattaneo, Riccardo Davanzo, Nils Bergman Nathalie Charpak
Journal of Tropical Paediatrics 1998; 44: 279- 282

Introducing kangaroo-mother care
Pedmed 1998 Sept/Oct: 9-10

Making newborn care work
Child Health Dialogue 1998, Issue 11:p4

Kangaroo Mother Care
Hann M, Malan A, Kronson M, Bergman N, Huskisson R.
South African Medical Journal, 1999 Vol 89; 37-40

Kangaroo Mother Care in the Nursery
Kirsten GF, Bergman NJ, Hann FM.
Pediatric Clinics of North America, 2001 Vol 48(2) 443 – 454
Reference list

Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants.
Anderson GC, Moore E, Hepworth JT, Bergman N

Cochrane Collaboration Systematic review (in press online)
In: The Cochrane Library, April, 2003. Oxford: Update Software. Updated Quarterly.

Advancing in Leaps and Bounds: Update on recent Developments in kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)
Hann M, Bergman N, Malan A.
MCH News, April 2003 Issue number 19; 2

News from the regions – South Africa; Fourth International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Care (letter)
Bergman NJ, Malan AF, Hann FM
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 2003 Vol 49(5);311-312

Patient population movement in a Cape Town Obstetric service
I. Human, M Kroon, N Bergman, S Fawcus, B Ntwana
South African Medical Journal 2003 Vol 93(9); 634

Randomized controlled trial of skin-to-skin contact from birth versus conventional incubator care for physiological stabilisation in  1200- and 2199-gram newborns
Bergman NJ, Linley LL, Fawcus SR
Acta Paediatrica 2004  Vol 93(6); 779-785

The Perinatal Mental Health Project
Honikman S, Rosenthal H, Faure S, Wirz B, van Zijl S, Littlejohn M, Bergman N, Fawcus S.
In: Mental health promotion: Case Studies from Countries. A joint publication of the World Federation for Mental Health and the World Health organisation. Eds S Saxena, PJ Garrison, World Health Organisation, 2004. 83-86.

Le portage kangourou (French)
Bergman NJ
Les Dossiers de l’allaitement (hors serie) (edited by LLL France)  March 2005, 12-21

“More than a cuddle: skin-to-skin contact is key”
Nils Bergman
The Practising Midwife 2005 Vol 8(9): 29

The relation between early mother-infant skin-to-skin contact and later maternal sensitivity in South African mothers of low birth weight infants
Bigelow AE, Littlejohn M, Bergman N, McDonald C.
Infant Mental health Journal, 2010 Vol 31(3); 358-377

State of the art and recommendations Kangaroo mother care: application in a high-tech environment
Nyqvist,K.; Anderson,G.; Bergman,N.; Cattaneo,A.; Charpak,N.; Davanzo,R. et al
Acta Paediatrica, 2010, Jun;99(6):812-9. Epub 2010 Mar 8

Towards universal Kangaroo Mother Care: recommendations and report from the First European conference and Seventh International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Care
Nyqvist,K.H.; Anderson,G.C.; Bergman,N.; Cattaneo,A.; Charpak,N.; Davanzo,R.
Acta Paediatr. 2010 Jun;99(6):820-6. Epub 2010 Mar 6

Kangaroo Care for the Preterm Infant
Bergman N, Carney G, Ludington-Hoe S
Infant Child and adolescent Nutrition 2010 Vol 2(3); 165-169

“Are our eyes bigger than A Baby’s Stomach?”
Bergman N
Sensitive Midwifery Magazine, 2011 14 (July Sept): 20-22.

Neuroscience speaks to quality of neonatal outcomes
Bergman N
Paediatric Focus, Volume 2, No2 May 2011, 8-9

“Should Neonates Sleep Alone?”
Morgan BE, Horn A, Bergman NJ.
Biological Psychiatry, 2011 Vol 70:817–825

“Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants (Review)”
Moore ER, Anderson GC, Bergman N, Dowswell T.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 5
Art. No.: CD003519. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003519.pub3

“Whose Choice? Advocating Birthing Practices Accoding to Baby’s Biological Needs
Bergman J, Bergman NJ.
Journal of Perinatal Education, 2013 Vol 22(1):8-13