CPD (South Africa)

CPD lectures on Neuroscience and Perinatology

New knowledge in neuroscience is accumulating daily, and this has major relevance to all involved in Perinatal care: gynecology, obstetrics, midwifery, neonatology, and all professions involved in care of newborns and their development. This new information challenges old beliefs, and brings the potential for greatly improved quality of care, both for babies, but also mothers and fathers. In health services there is always a challenge in bringing this information from the realm of theory to practice in reality.

I, Dr Nils Bergman, have been practising and promoting Kangaroo Mother Care for over 20 years, and for the last 6 years I have been researching the underlying theory and neuroscience fulltime. I have now collated this information into clinically useful information packages, and am currently an approved “CPD service provider”, through the South African College of Family Physicians. Approval is for Level 1 CEU’s, for which I have nine (9) one hour stand alone lectures, and a further 11 which require attendance at previous lectures. On request, I am able to provide Level 2 CEU’s, but these would be customized to your need, and require prior approval by the SACFP. All CPD lectures have clear learning objectives and well-described content outlines, with references. Attendees will be provided with summary PowerPoint handouts and one or two key articles. The CPD certificate will require proof of attendance and completion of learning evaluation, (no test!) as required by HPCSA.

The cost for each CEU is R200 per person, or as negotiated.

Below please find a list of topics for CPD, the “standalone” are marked in bold.

Learning objectives and content outlines  on all these are available on request


Topic Target audience


Perinatal neurobehaviour Obstetricians, midwives, paediatricians


Perinatal neuroscience Neontalogists, paediatricians, NICU


Perinatal neuroscience – basic primer All health professionals (All HP)


Science behind skin-to-skin contact All health professionals (All HP)


Clinical evidence on skin-to-skin contact All health professionals (All HP)


Perinatal neuroscience I – development All health professionals (All HP)


Perinatal neuroscience II – separation All health professionals (All HP)


Perinatal neuroscience III – research All health professionals (All HP)


Neurologically supportive environment Neonatologists, NICU staff


Developmental care (with Jill Bergman) All health professionals (All HP)


Safe skin-to-skin technique All health professionals (All HP)


Evidence based newborn feeding frequency Neontalogists, paediatricians, NICU


Neurobehaviour of breastfeeding Neontalogists, paediatricians, NICU


Breast milk contents and development Neontalogists, paediatricians, NICU


Breastfeeding and breastmilk – basic primer All health professionals (All HP)


Attachment All health professionals (All HP)


Neuroscience of parenting All health professionals (All HP)


Role of fathers in perinatal period. All health professionals (All HP)


Anthropological perspectives on human birth All health professionals (All HP)


Implementation principles and practice All health professionals (All HP)