Additional Links

Sites with information about KMC & SSC

International Network for Kangaroo Mother Care – (“INK”)
Conference and Workshop, November 2012 in Ahmadabad, India

Kangaroo Mother Care Initiative – (India)

South African Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation – (South Africa)

Observations on Skin-to-Skin Contact, by Nikki Lee, RN, MS, IBCLC, CCE

Kangaroo Mother Versus Traditional Care for Newborn Infants ≤2000 Grams: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Sites which include KMC products, primarily supporting breastfeeding

Geddes Productions 

Capers Bookstore

Blessing Way Family Services (KangaCarriers)


Sites that support Kangaroo Mother Care

 Miracle Baby Dolls

Little Steps

Sites that Kangaroo Mother Care Promotions supports

KidzPositive make wonderful beadwork


Your Baby’s Brain: Part1 / Part2Part3 / Part4


Day 1 & 2        IC4 Neurodevelopment    IC5 Sensations      IC6 EvidenceSSC
Day 3               IC7  Breastfeeding        IC8 Breastmilk         IC9 Frequency
Day 4               IC10 Maternal brain      IC11 Mothering        IC12 Parenting